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Networking Operations of

Languages: English | Japanese (日本語) is the domain for Network Operations of (Human-life Information Platforms Institute).

Managing Network resources has the autonomous system number (ASN), AS63806 (MENHERA). It has also IPv4 and IPv6 address prefixes, called together MENHERA-NET.

MENHERA-NET prefixes:

IP version Prefix
IPv6 2001:0df3:14c0::/48

Recognizing traffic from the organization

Trusteed and untrusted traffic

The following IP ranges are for guests and isolated network services, so please remove them from your whitelist if you only want to allow traffic from

We also do not send emails from these IP addresses. On our side, we block outgoing port 25 from these IP addresses.

Purpose IPv4 IPv6
Guests 2001:0df3:14c0:fe00::/56
Isolated networking services 2001:0df3:14c0:ff00::/56

DNS domain names

Obviously, is our main domain. is used by some internal services.

We also have (Japanese corporate domain) and (short .JP domain).

We use * subdomains for hosting our users’ websites.

DNS authoritative servers

Normally, authoritative servers for our domains are, and


See Policy.